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Kids, don't do drugs. [entries|friends|calendar]

Name: Bryan
Age: 18
Birthday: 8/28/86
The only other good thing to tell about is I have a 2003 Black Mustang Cobra. No, you can't have it.

I don't listen to anything but rap. Mostly just Eminem, D12, and Ludacris. The only other non rap people I like is Linkin Park, and Limp Bizkit(which I don't listen to much).
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Friends Only [25 Oct 2004|03:57pm]

If you post oversized pictures in your LJ, don't bother adding me.

If you post other oversized shit in your LJ, don't add me.

I don't get e-mails when someone comments, so I don't know when people comment on this entry unless I see that they added me. So you'll have to add me first so I'll see it. If you don't, I won't add you anyway.

Don't post here if you're already added to my list.

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